Divine Light Transmission with Paramahangsa Jagadeesh

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Paramahangsa Jagadeesh will speak on the purity of heart as one travel’s the spiritual path, the importance of virtue, and keeping company with advanced practitioners and Holy people. Jagadeesh has the unique ability to transmit the Divine-Love-Bliss blessings of unconditional love directly to the participants 

attending the events. After the talk, Jagadeesh will answer questions before 

introducing Multi-dimensional Sacred Energy Healing and The Divine Light 

Transmission. Each person will have an opportunity to receive these powerful Divine Blessings. 

As a Sadhu Priest and renunciant, he performed 15 years of extensive 24/7 retreat

practice with his Guru Dev and other great Siddhas and Saints in India and 

Nepal, eventually becoming empowered as a lineage holder of the Rasik Tradition by his blessed Guru Dev. His devotion and dedication to spiritual life prepared him to reach advanced levels of mastery and accomplishment, which led to the giving of the rare title of ‘Paramahangsa’ to him by the retreat master Sri Vanamali Dass Babaji Maharaj, whom he had known and practiced with for over thirty years. His goal is to continue serving humanity by transforming lives through sacred

transmission and creating the circumstances for spiritual seekers worldwide to 

experience Liberation in the Divine Love of God.

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Paramahangsa Jagadeesh


November 4, 2023 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

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