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Mount Shasta Events is a self-service event publication website.
The cost to add your events is very low in comparison to the benefits.  You may post one event or a yard sale every month for free.

If you regularly manage event promotion for yourself and others, you understand the amount of time and care required to create flyers, add the event to your website, and then share to your social media accounts.

The amount of time you will save by posting your event here and sharing to your social media is in itself a reason to add your events.

If you are a venue manager and interested in also sending all of your events to a page on your website, please contact me.  This is possible.

Events that are hosted at Mount Shasta Events

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What are the benefits to publishing events on this website?

One place for all events in Siskiyou County. Visibility and convenience for the Siskiyou County community and for visitors to our area. I created this website to support the prosperity and success of our local community and to provide visibility for visitors when they are searching for an event to attend. How often have you been asked, what is happening in Mount Shasta or the surrounding area? It shouldn't be a secret 🙂

How do I do this?

The process is pretty simple. Sign up by purchasing one free event or a package of events, gain access with a username and password, and then add your events. All of the details for publishing your event can be entered in one simple form. To prepare for adding your events, browse the site and look at the existing events and the Filter Bar to see the kinds of details you will need to publish your event. I will also provide very specific instructions and support you if you need help.

What kind of Event products do you offer?

Monthly Plans are purchased each month and are used within the month. One Free, Four Events, and Unlimited Events are monthly products. You will have access to your account and a personal event management area within the website. You would purchase either the same or different plan each month for new and continuing events.

Subscription Events will automatically renew each month. The advantage of a subscription is that you don't have to be concerned with remembering to pay for your events every month. They do not expire, unless you cancel. This is optimal for larger event venues. A really great feature for Subscribers is that you may publish recurring events without having to enter them for each week or day! Create it once and schedule the event each week or month, or for several days each week. This feature is not available on the monthly plan. Subscriptions cost less that Monthly plans.

Are there additional costs?


If I am an automatically renewing Subscriber, which plan should I choose?

Four Events Subscription
This renewable plan is convenient for those with weekly classes or events that occur each month. Enter your event once and set it for the rest of the year. If something changes, you may edit your events within your event management area. Promote to Social Media directly from the website.

Shasta Venue Subscription
This renewable unlimited plan is great for an event venue that hosts many different events each day and week. The cost per month is equal to or less that 1 hour of room rental. Enter your one-time event or your recurring events for the rest of the year. Any new events and changes to the events are easily managed from your account and event management page. Promote to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Email directly from your event posting.

Event Plans

Prepare for Spring and Summer! If you don't see a Plan that works for you, contact me and we can talk about it.

One Free!

Publish One Event
Easy signup
No Credit Card Necessary

Four Events

$ 12.00
One month : Four Events
Self Service Event Publishing
Event Management Webpage

Four Event Subscription

$ 11.00
Automatic Renewal
Reoccurring Events
Save Time, Save Money

Unlimited Events

$ 44.00
One month : Unlimited Events
One Place to Manage Venue
Share Events to Social Media

Unlimited Event Subscription

$ 33.00
Weekly, Monthly Repeats
Ideal for Venues
Publish, Share, Promote

What Payment Methods do you support?

Currently Mount Shasta Events only accepts Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Apple Pay (from an Apple device or Safari Browser), and Google Pay. If you must use another payment method, please contact me.

What if I teach Yoga at several different locations or venues?

The Four Events Monthly or Four Events Subscription Plan is for you. If you have more than 4 events per month, the Shasta Venue or Shasta Venue Subscription is also a possibility.

Must I use my event submissions within one month?

They are designed with that purpose in mind.

How much advance notice is needed before an event?

Give me a day or two to publish your event, to be safe. Once you add the event and I publish it, it is immediately on the website. Keep in mind though that advance notice helps your events to be found by the search engines.

I made a mistake! What do I do?

As soon as your event is published you may edit your events and make changes.

I have an event every week on the same day. Do I have to re-enter all of the information for every week? May I duplicate my event for each week?

It is possible to create recurring events with an automatically renewing Subscription! Also, they cost less!

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